Vial of Life

The Vial of Life program assists emergency personnel with obtaining the registered residents vital information in the case of an emergency. The Vial of Life is a form filled out by the resident consisting of personal and medical information.  If possible, program participants should place a photograph of themselves in the vial.  A photograph is especially important for households with more than one occupant ensuring that emergency personnel can make positive identification of each individual prior to providing aid. This program participant then tapes the form and any additional information to the inside of their refrigerator and affixes a Vial of Life sticker outside the refrigerator.

The Vial of Life sticker alerts Fire, EMS and Police that critical health information is available.  The information is especially important when an individual is unable to answer questions regarding issues such as allergies, medical conditions and medications.

Individuals can also place the Vial of Life information in their vehicle.  Placing the sticker on your dashboard and the Vial of Life in your glove compartment provides the information to emergency personnel.

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