Active Warrants

The Hooksett Police Department currently has active arrest warrants for the following people.
Please note

Although this list is updated continuously, it is possible that a subject listed may have been arrested and the warrant cleared.

No action should be taken by any individual, other than to contact the Hooksett Police Department with the information pertaining to the wanted person. 

No law enforcement agency should attempt to arrest without first confirming with the Hooksett Police Department that a warrant is indeed active on any of the subjects listed.

NameDOBLast known City/TownOffenseDate of Warrant
Babila, Zamir5/21/58Boston, MAViolation of a Court Order6/21/01
Bailey, Bruce Webster8/14/59Hooksett, NHPossession of Controlled Drug11/5/20
Baumbach, Joshua David10/14/87Goffstown, NHFalse Information to Secure a Firearm4/19/19
Baylies, Shian M5/19/99Exeter, NHPossession of Meth/Fentanyl, Falsifying Evidence11/4/20
Berlingeri De Jesus, Francisco10/24/92Manchester, NHDrive After Rev/Sus Subsequent, Conduct After Accident9/25/20
Bilinski, James12/7/82Manchester, NHFalse Information to Secure Firearm3/17/14
Bruce, Travis Corey8/16/81Manchester, NHOp After Suspension for DUI, Disobeying an Officer11/6/19
Caperci, Anthony9/25/96Manchester, NHSale of Controlled Drug, Felonious Use of a Firearm, Forgery11/4/20
Carroll, Paige Bethany6/30/93Goffstown, NHTheft by Unauthorized Taking, Willful Concealment8/7/20
Cayer, Megan L5/13/99Manchester, NHPossession of Controlled Drug10/23/20
Chaudhry, Khalid7/7/80Manchester, NHDV Simple Assault x 2, Simple Assault x 2, Criminal Threatening x 2, DV Criminal Threatening x 28/19/19
Chenard, Michael J2/28/79Derry, NHViolation of a Protection Order10/6/20
Curtis, Tracie6/24/70Hooksett, NHEndangering the Welfare of a Child8/6/20
Dartnell, John11/2/80Kingston, NHFalse Information to Secure Firearm9/13/14
Delcamp, Michael8/15/54Manchester, NHMaking False Report to Officer12/31/10
Dickinson, Sonny11/28/74Nashua, NHFalse Information to Secure Firearm7/31/14
Doyle, Hailey L3/1/99Milford, NHTheft by Unauthorized Taking, Willful Concealment9/18/20
Franey, Richard8/4/62Franklin, NHHand Guns False Information3/2/18
Gadomski, Jason2/16/84Lawrence, MAViolation of Protection Order5/20/13
Godwin, Joseph A Sr3/9/74Methuen, MAConduct After an Accident, Driving After Revocation12/4/15
Grazewski, Amanda T3/6/97Goffstown, NHControlled Drug4/1/20
Guinesso, Shara3/18/91Roanoke Rapids, NCEndangering the Welfare of a Child8/6/20
Hanley, Jeffrey J1/27/84Rochester, NHFalse Information to Secure Firearm6/12/19
Hardisty, Adrian10/18/96Manchester, NHBurglary, Criminal Mischief, Criminal Trespass12/6/20
Humphrey, April12/24/86Raymond, NHEmployee Theft9/20/14
Jsirandanis, Alexandra2/23/85Manchester, NHPossession of Controlled
Drug Subsequent- 3 Counts
Joyner, Robert10/23/79Dorchester, MAFraudulent Use of a Credit Card12/6/14
Kimball, Kyle J3/16/90Manchester, NHPossession of Controlled Drug- 3 Counts10/26/20
King, Mark Isiah3/20/92Manchester, NHCriminal Threatening with a Deadly Weapon, Criminal Trepass, Disorderly Conduct11/7/20
Kirk, Dylan10/19/94Manchester, NHPossession of Heroin8/11/20
Lagzdins, Paul W5/24/97Norwell, MACriminal Mischief, Theft by Unauthorized Taking11/2/17
Langlois, Normand R6/3/51Hooksett, NHFailure to File as Sex Offender3/4/97
Lique, Scott Eugene4/8/77Pelion, SCCriminal Threatening x2, DV Criminal Threatening1/7/20
Maclellan, Laurie Ann5/23/64Manchester, NHPossession of Controlled Drug11/24/20
Manning, Audrey2/21/87Manchester, NHWillful Concealment1/11/18
Martin, Richard12/13/45Franklin, NHFalse Information to Secure Firearm9/13/14
Mateja, Kirstyn11/8/88Derry, NHTheft by Unauthorized Taking7/24/15
McCloud, David A5/18/69Hooksett, NHWillful Concealment, Theft by Unauthorized Taking6/12/20
McKenzie, Melanie7/16/82Manchester, NHPossession of Crack Cocaine6/28/20
Mohandi, Mehdi8/17/87Manchester, NHViolation of Protection Order1/3/15
Morris, Amanda Elizabeth1/3/93Manchester, NHObstructing Government Administration, Op After Suspension DUI, Op After Suspension Subsequent9/17/20
Nadeau, Kevin6/11/88Derry, NHFalse Information to Secure Firearm1/25/16
Oneil, Nicholas7/24/83Manchester, NHOrganized Retail Crime Enterprise, Willful Concealment5/15/19
Owens, Linda Marie12/17/57Sulpher Springs, ARTheft by Unauthorized Taking2/23/20
Paradis, Zachary Allen4/26/82Auburn, NHConduct After an Accident, Speeding3/25/17
Paulino, Samuel11/4/98Manchester, NHPossession of a Controlled Drug, Transportation of Drugs in a Motor Vehicle10/1/20
Pease, Timothy5/4/86Manchester, NHTheft by Unauthorized Taking2/12/20
Peddicord, Holly6/11/82Hooksett, NHStalking, Breach of Bail7/28/16
Picard, Eric E7/11/80Manchester, NHOperating After Revocation/Suspension; Subsequent12/28/19
Pritchard, Kimberly10/6/79Wolfeboro, NHHindering Apprehension1/25/18
Ramalho, Alyssa A12/29/89Manchester, NHTheft by Deception6/28/19
Rodrigues, Anthony11/27/83Pembroke, NHFalse Information to Secure a Firearm6/19/20
Savilonis, James R7/55/77Hampton, NHWillful Concealment5/2/15
Smith, Latia7/1/97Nashua, NHOffense Hindering Apprehension6/17/18
Smith, Mark William2/12/93Plymouth, NHPossession of Controlled Drug x 2, Felon in Possession of a Dangerous Weapon11/15/20
St John Falynne9/26/96Raymond, NHPossession of a Controlled Drug x 37/15/20
Swanson, Brian Joseph9/29/84Brockton, MAWillful Concealment8/11/18
Turner, Dewayne10/17/83Concord, NHStalking DV x210/29/19
Vallier, Kelli A7/22/82Manchester, NHTheft by Unauthorized Taking, Willful Concealment, Driving After Suspension/Revocation11/4/19
Ward, Warrie Joseph2/26/67Manchester, NHPossession of a Controlled Drug Subsequent x 27/2/20
White, Robert1/27/59Nashua, NHFraud- False Statement/False Information12/2/11
Zebrowski, Tara9/9/86Allenstown, NHPossession of a Controlled Drug x 3, Transport Drugs in a Motor Vehicle1/13/20